Keith Wisnewski in the UFC

This guy hasn't lost in soooooooo long. He has won his last 8 fights (at least) He deserves a shot in the UFC.. I think Lytle/Wisnewski would be a PERFECT UFC fight.

I know you guys are friends.....The fight would be AWESOME!!!

You guys give this a ttt, Keith Wisnewski has been earning some very impressive wins. Good job Keith.

Duneland ValeTudo is making it's way up in the ranks.


I agree!. Actually, I see a collision soon between keith and Derrick Noble...maybe anyway. That fight scares me. An old friend against a training partner. (Well, i guess I dont train anymore, so and old training partner.)

Keith and Noble would be a great fight . I would love to see it in Shooto or anywhere else for that matter .

Keith is definitely due his shot on a big show, all he has been doing lately is winning fights. Plus he almost always finishes his fights, and puts on a great show.


Keith is the MAN!!!


It would be great to see Keith Wisniewski in the UFC!

I agree that Keith is a good fighter - very under ranked.

The funny part is that he is such a nice guy you would never think he could kick a*s like he does.

All Dunland Vale Tudo guys come to fight. I cant ever remember a guy from that camp just looking for the dec. They also seem to go for broke.


That can be said for his brother too :-)

Which one is the heavier one?
I cant keep track, one is skinnier and taller and one shorter and stocky.. Both tough guys for sure.



Justin is skinnier and taller.

Wow, I can't believe he just turned 22 years old. The kid has been fighting since 1998. He's difinitely a name to watch out for.

Peter P

Keith vs Lytle would be AWESOME

TTT for keith, let's hope UFC does something smart and sign a fighter who's on a winning streak and not always losing....tank (cough cough) (even though tank is exciting)

TTT for Keith

Keith is a badass man. He is definately ready for his UFC shot. He's also got another huge fight coming up in Amsterdamn. TTT for KEITH!!

He fought for us once and I say he's a true warrior and gentleman!

ttt for Wisniewski in the UFC.

I appreciate the kind words from everybody. Last nights fight was a difficult win for me, and Jorge definately gave me some areas to improve upon. That being said, I would very much like to get a shot to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Last night was my 31st fight, and I'm currently riding a six fight win streak (and 9 out of last 10). I hope this will propel me into the UFC, but either way I plan on staying active both in training and in competition. Thanks again,

Keith Wisniewski