Keith Wisniewski vs Josh Neer

I want to see this fight happen. Who else wants this fight to happen? Wisniewski is one of the coolest and classiest fighters I have ever met. He just beat my boy Carlo, I think he would beat Neer too due to a higher level of badassery (Neer is a badass too but Wisniewski, like I said is more dangeresque) I pick the Polish Connection by tko late or decision, what say you?

would like to see it!

this fight definitely needs to happen.

Wisniewski is fighting in Shooto later this month I think I heard somewhere.

aye. Wisniewski is fighting in Shooto on the 29th of this month against Shinya Aoki in a Class B bout.

This would be a helluva fight to see. I've watched both fighters from ringside.

Gotta go with "The Dentist".

ttt for Josh Neer