Keith Wisniewski

HE wins again. Keith beat Carlo Prater by decision last night in a great fight.

He has beat everyone. I really wish UFC would give him a chance.. they are missing out. (So is Roxy :)

Anyone have pics???



Good Job Keith!!!! I thought he was going to get screwed by the ref stopping the fight but they got it right in the end. 

Congrats Keith!

Thanks for the thread, I'll post my thoughts on the fight in the next few days. For now I'm going to enjoy my last day here in Biloxi and am looking forward to a crazy outing in Chicago with my teammates tonight.

I'll probably see most of you Chicago MMA fans Sunday at Bob Shirmer's tournament. Don't judge my appearance to harshly as I'll likely have been awake for over 50 hours straight. Back to training on Monday.

Keith Wisniewski

Keith.. you are the man.


I think you should Fight Fickett or Neer if you get a chance at either of them... I think either fight would be an all out war

Check my thread Frankie, my thoughts on FFC

Wisniewski = BADASS

Congrats, you earned it!

Great job Keith!!!

congrats to keith, awesome display of talent and heart.

keith- you are the man. congrats on the win bro. Still a fan of yours.

Fearless Goat

Keith for UFC....Hey Shelby....Vegas Feb...
Tony Ross Integrated Fighting

BSF - E-mail me. I have a new number

Tony... I'll be there. Glad to see Chris back in there. Hope he gets a shot at the title after this fight. He's earned it.


Keith is a total bad ass and has more heart than I have appitite and thats quite a bit.