Keith wins again, he is on his way to the show, congrats keith your hard work is paying off. great job, now the only things standing between you and the UFC is.............ME lol, please dont hit me ill cry. good job keith, eric newell

good work keith! You have gone on a huge streak since I left. - I'm back home from college for break and I should comein this week to start training again. - Aaron Uhrina

I've been saying it forever...

Keith Wisniewski in the UFC!!!

-Shelby "I told you so" Girl

That the Prater Fight ?

Congrats Keith! You are the man! I sure hope Dana sees your talent soon. I wanna reason for a trip to Vegas:-)

I saw Keith and his guys out at the brew pub last night celebrating...... Good job guys... slow down on the drinks!!

i would love to see wisniewski and neer.

congrats keith you are the man.
People need to stop playing games and put you in the ufc. you have proven yourself time and time again. good job

Keith is a baaaaaaaaaad man. See you at the tourney sunday keith, i will be there alone, so if you could coach me in my fights it would help me out. eric newell

Wisniewski is a badass!!!


Keith Wisniewski fan for life

I am now a fan of his!


It really is time for him in the ufc.

Just my .02

If the UFC is to have these 2 great fighters (that everyone knows about) square off.....does the UFC televise that match? (which it definitely should) OR do they end up not televising it on the PPV broadcast.....because frankly, I feel that it would be a (politically correct) slap in the face to both of these 2 guys.

In my personal opinion...the UFC NEEDS a guy like Kieth Wisniewski. I look at like this: If the whole idea is market the UFC so that it is more "mainstream" to the general public, and not percieved as "barbaric"....then I find it difficult to imagine a better spokesman for the UFC than Kieth Wisniewski himself.

He's the most unassuming "looking" fighter I've ever seen...however; he has put together quite an impressive record, and earned a terrific reputation as not only being a great, busy, young fighter...but also a stand up guy with respect to all....THAT"S HUGE!

I wish him all the luck to get fight in the "American Big Show" soon....I think KW has an even better shot at MAJOR respect from the Japanese fans if he were to take a Pride Bushido fight.


keith in ufc

What Ron said!!!

I appreciate all the support. I felt it was a very good show, and I was very pleased with my performance. The venue, hotel, and city were all among the best I've been to and I'm looking forward to returning. Big thanks to Rob and Lee for bringing me down, me and my teammates were very well treated. Also, though I got the decision, Carlo fought a great fight and as usual he and his team were very classy. Thanks to my teammates for helping me prepare, as the last few months have been trying on my body and it's you guys who've kept me sharp and prepared. My brother Justin and fellow member of "Team Indiana" Jeremy bolt did a great job in my corner, and I hope they both had as much fun this weekend as I did.

I was a little dissapointed with the referees, both in my fight and some of the other bouts. Others have mentioned it, but I felt the stand-ups in the 1st and 3rd round were poor decisions by the referee. These weren't isolated as they also stood Kevin Jordan up from mount, and stopped the first match well after it should have been. I don't want to be critical of what I felt was one of the better organizations I've fought for, but I think this is one issue that I feel should be addressed in the future.

Although I'm not currently committed to any fights, I have a few offers I'm looking at for early 2005. I hope these last few fights will open some doors for me, but I intend to be back in the ring early next year either way. Looking forward to defending my FFC title in the near Future.

Can't forget to mention foxfirejesse who posted my name upwards of 100,000 times on what is now my favorite thread. Props to The Real Joker as well who showed equal support to his teammate and who was very cool in person.

Keith Wisniewski

congrats Kieth

congrats keith!

Big Congrats bro !!!!!!!!!