Kellerman officially off of ESPN

Its official according to New hosts are auditioning for Kellerman's spot, Around The Horn has been cancelled, not just suspended and ESPN will make an official announcement later this week.

If UFC is interested they should strike while the iron is hot. My guess is that he'll end up on either Showtime or Fox Sports Net. I can't see him on HBO even with Foreman's departure because that is an expert commentator spot reserved for a trainer or former fighter. There is an outside chance he could land on the new Sunday network boxing program, but that is a fledgling program and I'm not sure they want to invest enough to snag Kellerman.

If you want him, he's out there.


He'll probably end up at Showtime.

I heard Fox Sports.

Fox Sports is the leading condidate right now. However I dont think Around the Horn has been canceled.