Kelly Kobold fights this weekend

Kelly Kobold will be in South Dakota this weekend taking on Shayna Basher in Reality Cage Fightimg. Shayna is 10-0 in NHB and is claiming she will have an easy time beating Kelly. I guess we will have to see. If your in the Sioux Falls area come by and chek it out – Should be an entertaining fight.

Good luck to Kelly. Mike, did you get my email about the June 4 show?

Good Luck to Kelly... she is a great fighter!

Shayna who?

10-0 in MMA huh?

I predict a long (or actually very short) night for Shayna.

An "easy time"? Well, I guess it is good to be confident, and if a person doesn't believe they can win they have no business fighting, but any female fighter truly thinking they will have an "easy time" with Kelly is most likely going to be in for a surprise. Could be just fight hype from Shayna, I suppose. Don't recall anyone having an "easy time" with Kelly so far.

Best wishes to Kelly.




10-0 is awesome! Good luck to Kelly and maybe I could fight the winner.

Reilly do you mind giving us a little background on Shayna's 10 wins in NHB like against who and where? there seems to be nothing anywhere on the internet about her. Thanks for the info

TTT for Women Fighters


Good luck Kellt. If you haven't seen Kelly fight, you NEED TO! This girl is for real. She can really bring it.


I'm trying to get her record into the DBs - there are a lot of shows run around here that never see the light of the internet.
Hell Josh neer had nearly 100 fights and no one knew who he was.
I know very little about Shayna - but those who have seen her fight she is very tough and skilled

I think all Shaynas fights are in "Reality Cage Fighting" in Sioux Falls, SD. I have fought in that promotion a couple of times, they do not report their results to any database, the level of the fights generally not very high. I know shayna has fought a female boxer other than that I do not know anything about who she has fought. But I am sure Kelly will be the best opponent she has ever fought. If she really thinks this will be easy, she is in for a surprise.

The event is kind of new, I hope they will start reporting their results, would be nice if they could report some of the old ones as well, the ones they still remember.

Good luck

Good luck Kelly! Kick some butt.

Here is the best list I could get of Shayna's oppoents. Again I really do not know much about her All we are doing to get ready is training hard.

Shayna Baszler over Jesse Krum 1st round Rear Naked Choke

Shayna Baszler over Sunny Smith
10/30/03 Ref Stoppage 1st round

Shayna Baszler over Shannon Johnson
11/06/03 Armbar 1st round

Shayna Baszler over Cindy Thompson Armbar 1st round

Shayna Baszler over Kelly Jacks Rear Naked Choke 1st round

Shayna Baszler over Toni Smith TKO

Shayna Baszler over Mellissa Erickson TKO

Shayna Baszler over Shelila Macoreli Armbar 1st round

Shayna Baszler over Corina Keebler Heel Hook 1st round

BTW - No e-mail about June 4th as of yet

Did you get that from Omaha? Is he keeping the names of the fighters and results so he can add it to fcfighter and sherdog later?

I am sooooo surprised that she is fighting Kelly in Sioux Falls for far less $$$ than if they would fight on the ICC or UCS.

I'll send out another email Mike. Basically I was asking you to hold 4 tickets for the June 4 show for me. I had some other stuff too (Blue Nile, etc)

Oh - Cool - yea - no show on June 4th - being pushed back - We can do the Nile any time - but over then next month or so either, Sam, Kelly or I will all be out of town - Give me a call and we can work out the details - Thanks Mike.

Yea Lars - I didn't get that one either - but it is a big advantage to fight at home.

Big advantage if you get affected much by the crowd, yes. And maybe for judgeing. I do not think this is going to distance anyway. But all that money you offered her, I am surprised she will fight her at home for much less. Do you know if Omaha keeps the fight results?


Oh thats only 9 names please make up another one. maybe Sabrina something I always liked the name Sabrina.



Is GrappleGirl trying to pick a fight?

Mike, I'll give you a call. Thanks