Kelly Kobold fights this weekend

I have begged for a fight with Kelly for a long time now! I'm sure she is a great fighter and I respect her as one. reilly is protecting her though!!! Me I'll fight anyone at 155 win or lose!!! And Reilly don't say 155 is too big because I saw you telling Sexz she could fight up to 160 on another thread.


I thought you were picking a fight with Shayna at that post. But that is good you try to pick two fights then.

Take it up with the promoter of RCF.
Those are the names I was given - raised a few red flags with me as well - but that is what I have been told and I have no reason to belive otherwise until I see other wise.

Lars I know has seen the girl fight.

Persoanlly I find the tone a little disrespectful

Kelly will win

These are the results I was given by the promoter - anyone with a problem with them should contact the promoter.

"Lars I know has seen the girl fight."

Yes, I have seen her fight, what I saw was a nice takedown some pounding then a submission.

She is trained and she has from what i have heard fought a lot in Sioux Falls, and I have also heard she is undefeated. I am sure Kelly will be her thoughest fight. I hope Shayna has trained with the BJJ gym in Sioux Falls, that would make the fight more interesting, I think. Not sure if she has or not. She is trained by some guy name Isaac, that I really do not know much about.



Kelly won 2:50 of the 2nd round. It was a really good fight and a lot of credit to Shayna - She was very tough and showed a ton of heart. She has some good skills and made a very nice Leg Bar and Arm lock attempt. Also did a great job working the crowd and adding life to what would have otherwise been a pretty poor show. She did take a pretty serious beating however and was not able to launch much in the way of offence. I think however she could be a very good fighter down the road.

Sound like good job by both.


How long rounds?

I am almost surprised it went to 2nd round, Shayna must have not wanted to quit. I also think she could be a good fighter she is very athletic, she just neets to get better at some of the basics.

Congrats to Kelly.

Michelle "Grapple Girl" ...don't trouble yourself trying to fight Kelly, they've even turned me down. Two very reputable promoters have tried and they won't take the fight, at least at 135 anyway... and one show isn't even till Nov! LOL.(shrug)

Reilly et al. I'm not sure I agree with how you've promoted Kelly. You guys have hyped her way up based on a very padded record. Inadvertently, you've made Kelly Kobald a huge target. You claim she's awsome, but say she's still a rookie. It's time to get her feet wet against some of the established MMA girls. I truely mean no disrespect, I'm just relaying what has been the topic of discussion amoungst myself and some others.

-Tara LaRosa

Great job Kelly!

I have never received an offer for Kelly to fight Tara. Her name has never been mentioned to me as even a possible opponent and if she was we would never agree to 135 lbs. Kelly has fought at that weight one time and she was not happy at that weight.
Most of all I would like to apologize for supporting my fighter and giving her the attention any good manager would give their fighter. I have never done so at the expense of anyone else. I have never said she is better then anyone else or judged any other fighter's accomplishment is connection with hers. Yet people take this as an opportunity to insult, lie and snipe. Well I guess that is really what the UG is all about.

Shit guys!

November 6, 2004
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I like both of them and they have similar styles. Less talk, more action!

Just drop me an email and we can "sign it" right now.

I've come closer to making Erica Montoya vs. Megumi Fuji for the same show.

The show will also feature some new talent and MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS :)

Jeff you have mail