Kelly McCann - Ground Kem-'ba-tivz

Figured this would make for some spirited discussion. ;)

I don't agree with everything about it but even so it's simple, solid material that will help someone get themselves out of dangerous situations.

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Some solid info in there but it drives me nuts when people jump speed in a demo. Attacker comes in slow and then holds a position so the defender can unload elbows, eye pokes, face slaps and groin strikes at close to full speed.


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I don't know about anyone else but I like the Russian's video player a lot better than youtube or any of the Asian sites. The quality is much better and they load perfectly all the time.

glad to help on posting the vid.

i think this is a great reminder of the significant differences between sport specific and street training. the growth of mma has undoubtedly influenced the direction of martial arts training. and it's not necessarily a negative influence; even mccann makes that clear in his presentation. however, what i specifically like about the video is that he takes the realm of mma beyond the cage and puts it back into the perspective of the street.

I agree for the most part. I've seen his previous combatives set and liked that material as well. I just wish he had/articulated a little more fluency with regard to things like sprawling and strikes to avoid the clinch. The concepts are sound but it's his delivery system that comes off a little skeptical. Makes him seem like a TMA fag teaching combat anti-grappling when they've never wrestled a day in their life.

But yeah, I've always believed/said that the difference between sport and street isn't really a question of techniques/delivery systems but rather mindset and the adrenal state it stems from/produces.

I particularly liked how he described it as illegal in mma to pull your arm out of an armbar or triangle because it was an attack to the groin.

Mostly good stand up. The!

weakest guard/triangle player ever!!!..

if the triangle is on right, you will not be clavicle notch pressure pointing.

it's fair to say you can try, but good luck w/ that.

It all just seems a little dishonest to me.

In the beginning, he gives a big speech about the kind of conditioning combat athletes undertake. He explains how physical and capable combat athletes are in comparison to an average person.

But he then goes on to show techniques that wouldn't work on anyone who specifically trains in the arts the attacks are taken from. His defenses are only useful against someone who has only seen these attacks in MMA and is trying to emulate them. (I even tried his triangle escape on one of our 3 month white belts; it did not work.)

There is obviously a market for magic bullets, but I'm pretty sure grabbing my clavicle isn't it.


The introduction had me optimistic..

Once the instruction began, I was very disappointed.

He REALLY likes to say "thoracic cavity".

He sucks at grappling.

There is a market though for fatasses that want to be "tactical badasses" that aren't willing to put in actual training time.

twinkletoesCT - He REALLY likes to say "thoracic cavity".

That and the constant mma rules references everytime he did something was annoying. It's one thing to list the rules the way he did in the beginning(which I thought was actually pretty cool from a videography perspective), but to keep saying it over and over? Nah. I'd have preferred him just to concentrate on "this is what you'll have to deal with" and "this is what you should do" type scenarios.

I understand his end goal isn't to have his people get drawn into protracted grappling contests that would require NAGA level skills, but I think a solid base in wrestling or Gracie combatives would go a long way in making the concepts more useful as well as his presentation of the material more believable.
BEEF & CHEESE - He sucks at grappling.

There is a market though for fatasses that want to be "tactical badasses" that aren't willing to put in actual training time.

Fatsos might buy the dvds but his 'market' has always been military and law enforcement. To my knowledge he still hasn't offered training to civilians.

His videos are very popular with the wannabe minuteman crowd. They are almost always lardasses.


Believe it or not, a good friend of mine actually worked on this video.

He is a very talented and cool guy.

He did the lighting.


So if you want to defend yourself. Why stay in your own world. Why not try some BJJ maybe even some wrestling, some boxing.....

Have the experiences and you can deal much easier with the average fake MMAler than with these stuff from the DVD.....

Take care

Björn Friedrich

That vid was pretty bad. He really doesn't seem to know much about what he was teaching against. It's like the old TMA guys teaching how to throw front kicks to the body to stop a shot from 10 feet away and finding out that anybody who actually knows how to shoot is going to do it from within arms reach.

The sad thing, one of the big gun forums I go to think his material is the gospel on H2H combatives along with anything from WW2.