Kelpy the pimp gets beat up

adam22’s father philip grandmaison was friends with bill clinton. his dad got arrested for using his position in local politics to secure a $6M contract for his friends. he did 1.5 years in jail for it and received a presidential pardon from clinton in 2000.

adam’s uncle joseph grandmaison was a DNC chair. he’s friends with the rockafellers. there’s even video of john rockafeller visiting joseph’s house in new hampshire in 1991. there’s a little kid in the video (possibly adam22).

he’s from a rich and highly politically connected family. it’s not a coincidence him and his weird channel blew up out of nowhere.

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I’ve seen this dude “Milk 74” on YouTube with videos about Adams history but I never cared much to watch them. Now I might check them out


No wonder Adam hates Trump with a passion. He literally turns red talking about him

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Take the mic and camera away from all three of those losers



This shit is being purposely pushed to our youth.


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Thats right “if” but youd get your gapping ass kicked by those crusty the clown looking fags, you is an ultra fag nigga

Every one. Wow. That’s amazing.
Batting 1,000

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I’m not wrong.

All I know about Adam 22 is be used to post on a music forum that I read damn near 20 years ago. Pretty sure he was bragging about banging underage girls or made a porn with one. He used to go by the same name. Definitely the same guy.

Also the same website Cassandra Fairbanks (conservative news reporter) was on. Her nudes leaked there. She was also a cam girl and escort when she was like 19. Cam girl stuff is a fact, the escort stuff could’ve been rumors. She’s got spectacular D Cup titties. Both people were hated and ridiculed.

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Cosmo Kramer High Quality GIF


Should be super easy to prove then. I’ll wait.

Alright, don’t go anywhere.

I think of all the cringeworthy shit I have seen over the last 10 years, Australian rap culture where they mimic American ghetto culture is the worst. Its so pathetic that you cannot feel anything but utter contempt for them.

Your life is a mess and no one takes you seriously as it is. Maybe you should not be making posts like this.

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Yeah I seriously doubt that. Also my wife comes from money.

No point going back on forth on shit like that though, but what we can do is get confirmation from you on my original comments about wiggers

Are you one of these fucking Aussie losers that listens to Aussie rap? I have to assume thats a yes given your last two posts?

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