Kelpy the pimp gets beat up

Haha, my wife is whiter than you are. We all know you are suffering from the same affliction most Asian immigrants suffer from.


If you need to copy and mimic the culture of low IQ foreign savages because you have nothing of value back home to identify with then you really have some serious work to do. How can you be so devoid of art and culture that you need to rip off ghetto culture?


More cope, a month ago I was African before that Indian, you faggots hate it cause theres a whiteboy in town who calls it like it is so “YOURE NOT WHITE!”

Your wife has a LITTLE Italian blood, that doesnt make her or your monkeys white

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I dont think you know anything about Latin America, just like I dont think you have the social skills to understand why are getting the responses you are getting.

Pls keep going though, you are winning!

Well you are clearly the uncultured swine in this conversation, and it’s not my fault you have the personality of a wet towel , an have no taste in good music what so ever

lol what responses are you talking about dopey?

You married a third worlder, IDGAF if her father managed to get them a microwave or not theres only ones reason shes with you.

follwed by

Youre relying on aussie hip hop as a cornerstone of your attack tactic eh keseki?

winning charlie sheen GIF

Shut up cunt

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Try reading the fucking thing lol @ you

Looks like he was swinging with the power of an 8 year old.

Being Asian I think he is autistic, perhaps a hapa. He thinks this is a serious conversation haha

40 isn’t that old skateboard boy

Pillow hands

No Jumper can be good at times. Aaron Carter and the ICP interviews are great. He gets some pretty good guests sometimes. Apparently he also makes a shit ton of money doing porn. Huge hog on him supposedly. I have no idea who Kelpy is, but letting him get punched on his show is probably a good thing. It has a bunch of 50 year old guys on an off topic MMA forum arguing haha


Hey, leave my people out of this

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That’s what I thought. It’s cool. I was being a bit of a dick. But you know your comment is wrong and a wild over exaggeration that has zero truth to it.