Kelpy the pimp gets beat up

I searched youtube for this microcephalic and there were pages and pages of internet drama. No music for pages.

The No Jumper podcast is literally the most disgusting trash on YouTube

110% accurate. But I’ll accept your apology. Good day.


No need to salute. I work for a living.

Culture vulture? A white guy cannot interview and profit off of urban or black culture? I’ve seen others say this but I find it dumb.

How is it that a black guy hasn’t climbed the ranks and created his own show that covers black or gang culture? Are they just not as talented an interviewer or what? You’d think there would be numerous black creators that are more popular than no jumper and Vlad

Gotta be honest though, if you could make the profit that no jumper does, you’d do the same. Most would if given the chance.

Heeeee’s baaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkk

Kelpy the Mutha Fuckin P.I.M.P.

I’m curious where this guy grew up in OC and pimps his girls at because I lived in OC for quite a while. He has a strong Anacrime vibe.

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Wait this dude is from socal ? Thought he was from texas . Hes gonna have a bad time if he gets locked up .surenos consider pimping a no good charge these days. Add in his migger demeanor and this kids gonna be on the express train to PC


I was thinking south Orange County. Rich parents type kid