ken flo vs j lau the irony

a guy i know fought last night in mass.he landed a take down and after the fight he said to me "did you see that take down i got that straight from ken florians dvd"

so today i put on kens dvd because i did not remember seeing that particular move.right there during the seminar on the dvd is an even younger joe lauzon soaking up all kenny had to i know that this was recorded quite some time ago,but how ironic that joe paid money to attend a seminar by a guy he would be fighting in a main event?

It's like rain on your wedding day. Or a free ride, when you already paid.

A black fly in your non-alcoholic J-lau beverage

That's CREEPY!!!


thats Mike Awesome.

??Who woulda thought.....I figures??

shirley you can't be serious.

i heard that. good stuff

ill bet that happens alot more than you think.People like joe that just progress so fast he ends up being on the same level of people he used to learn from.The thing about jitz is that even at this level they could still learn things from each other. I dont think Joe would ever fight BJ but I cant say for sure Ive seen him mma fight his own brother and when they party they form a circle and for fun.

InsideFighting readers were made aware of that irony earlier this month when Florian spoke about Lauzon having attended one of his seminars awhile ago ;-)

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nice find

TTT for Creepy Joe!

Gonna be a great fight!