Ken & Frank Shamrock= Most interesting Life Story?

Watched Bound by Blood on Spike.  These two are pioneers of the sport with a crazy backstory of their youth.  Everything about these two are fascinating to the fans of MMA, imo.  Their individual stories of how they rose up in the MMA world as well as their resume, career & accomplishments are unreal.  And then the relationship between the two is extremely interesting.  If they are going to make an MMA bio pic - my vote would go for the Shamrock Bros.  They both became legends and icons.    I think the old school fans will agree with me here that these two are far more interesting than any other fighter current or even past.



Someone yesterday said there should bw a Shamrock reality show, it would really be good

Just follow Frank and Ken around, would be great

ttt...great show! Glad Ken and Frank Shamrock are going to get a bit more very well deserved recognition for the newer fans of the sport as it is today. Both are legends and pioneers and they receive a lot of unnecessary shit from the noobs these days.

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Not really. I'm not all that interested.

Are they getting along again? I know Ken hated Frank for years, would be nice to hear they made up.