Ken is an arshole when coaching!

What a jerk coming down on Kalib for training smart.

Tito's fighter looked good even with the bad foot

I just cant get over Kens mind set his brother Frank must have trained the lions den because he sucks as a coach.

Ken should bring Frank as a guest coach that would be something to watch!

Ken was very hard on Kalib


Especially after Ken had just given them a day off to rest and heal.

They should have come in there that next day spitting fire and ready to get after it hard.

Remember Hughes saying last season that to train hard enough to be a top notch fighter you would sustain injuries. He went on to say you have to gut it out and ignore the pain while training or in a fight. paraphrasing

That whining about a bruised thigh, and walking out in the middle of training was pitiful.

Ken and Tito know what it takes to prepare. The students should shut the hell up and take advantage of this opportunity.

They were dogging it plain and simple.