Ken is more popluar and that's all

Ken is a more popular fighter without a doubt, but he will loose to Kimo badly.

I Just don't see what is it that ken has to offer.

He is tough guy, so is Kimo.

He has average Standup skills, so is Kimo.

He has good ground game, so is Kimo.

With all that Kimo is bigger, stronger, and more aggresive.

First time Ken could catch him, with Kimo's BJJ training, it will be extremely hard to catch him again.

Last time I've seen ken beat abybody was the first GP against Otsuka.

After that he looked like crap against Frye and Tito.

Kimo never looked bad in a fight, and will beat Ken rather easily.

"kimo has looked terrible plenty of times.....against TK, severn and every k1 fight he has been in. "

hear, hear

Kimo looks so ridiculously bad in all his K-1 fights that I see Shamrock winning by TKO or KO.

also he was looking real bad against tim lacijk.

That said im not sure who I pick. I think ken is the better athelete. I dont think kimo will be any better than ken on the ground.

Either guy could win this fight.