Ken is out....SETH is in.

He has left the arena....thanks ARIEL...

what a freaking mess this EliteXC...


Ken or Kimbo asked for more money...? im not really sure yet?

 Armando UFC Garcia does his job in florida. Ken is now the UFC announcer watch and see.

 lol i can imagine the conversation

Ken: Shit i got a cut

Exc: well you cant fight

Ken: Yes I can get a doctor

Exc: OK doc says you can fight

Ken: phew, but you know i will be needing more money now

Exc:Oh i see what you did there...


Exc: you failz

LOL now they are saying it might actually happen again....WTF...this is a mess.

This is so fucked up.

Now they are talking about getting FRANK SHAMROCK AS AN could the commission clear him in time...

"Oh, delicious," imo.

slagathor - source?

LMAO the baldfather in a conspiracy

what a zoo

 They're going to quickly examine Frank and test his blood sample and everything in the next hour?

they are saying its confusion all around and hearing many different things....

Junkie is reporting that some of the ringside production has Kimbo VS Petruzelli on their screens

Ariel Helwani is getting the real scoop right now as we type will update as soon as I hear something

Just so there is no question...Ken is 100% out and has really left the building...

 Any word on how TF he got cut between weigh-in and fight time?