Ken = $mart Man

He robbed the bank... he earn it with the years of good fights, all his nonsence was just an act, to sell his fights...

Ken is the MAN!!!!

wow.. first time I agree with one of your posts krycek... maybe you and ken just talk shit to stir the pot and are undercover good guys.... hmmmm NOT

Could you put Rich Franklin on crutches too?

lol at thinking Ken was the better Shamrock....just LOL

"i could fight A level fighters and get destroyted too! "

Do it then

GF= God Father?

Ken is the better Shamrock until proven otherwise. If anything, they are equal.

Frank beat Tito who beat Ken 3x

Ken beat Bas who beat Frank 2x

The difference is that Ken is still fighting and Frank is always about to fight until something else comes up.

"i could fight A level fighters and get destroyted too!"

First of all, the reason they dont have YOU fight a A level fighter is because no one would pay to see it and another thing, you were never an A level fighter. At his time, Ken was.

The whole hot tempered heel thing was an act. He learned it from wrestling. Notice all his feuds w/ Otsuka, Frye, and Tito had the WWF style pre-hype beef.....and everyone bought into it. Ken trolled all you guys and made alot of money doing it.

Gogreco-If you really think that shamrock math you did means Ken was anywhere near Franks skill level then you have a mental problem and your also bad at math:)

The only fight I wanna see ken in right now would be against his little bro. TTT for frank vs ken.....

Ken's bodybuilder buddy was with him to the end. That is one loyal dude.

Ken deserves the money. He has made more money for the UFC than any other fighter.

901 dont be ignorant and think alot of people on here dont know who you are.The joke is on you as usual.