Ken - Our Last Hope

For those of us that have followed what has become "MMA" Ken-Tito 3 will likely be our last opportunity to successfully rep "old school" NHB.

With Tank's loss tonight, Royce's tooling etc. etc. we may never see again the old guard vs the new on a legitimate stage. This is it. Sort of sad really.

Let us all us our collective mental powers to this end. Let me explain. For example, when you are conscious that you are dreaming, you are in a "lucid dream". You can control that dream in anyway you wish according to your will and belief. If that is possible in the dream world, it is also possible in the real world.

The difference is that the mental plane responds instantaneously to your thoughts while the physical plane is much slower in playing them out. That is because the vibrations of physical reality are finer and hence the grosser forms of matter are slower to change. Thus we need to start now, and on a massive scale.

In other words, while things on the physical plane take time to manifest, those things on the mental plane manifest instantaneously the moment they are thought of. The mental plane is not affected by time the same way as the physical plane. It is concentration of thought sustained over a period of time that brings an idea into physical being.

Everything that exists in the imagination or dream is a personal experience. If a situation(e.g. Ken heel hooking Tito Tuesday) exists in actual reality, the object or person in your mind is a clone of the original. The mental clone is in every way as real as the actual event. This proves the power of the mind. Ken knows this. As he has stated regarding Tito... "in his mind he has already beaten me twice".

We can will this heel hook into reality. Together. For old time's sake, one last time.

Please join this effort and log in your support here. Thank you.

Best of luck with that.

Please no negativity. Positive support(and thoughts) only please.

lol@tito or matt being old school.

i'm talking NHB, not this watered down MMA stuff we have today.

lmao @ this thread...fucking hippies