both will be guests on taggradio today. we'll talk diet, eating dirt,
drinking piss, luke's upcoming fight, pav's weight loss and go over the
stable of fighters pav reps.

matt horwich (ifl champ) will also be on to talk about his fight with bnji

radach and his upcoming fight with tim kennedy.

there may also be a special guest showing up so tune in


get into the chatroom.


ttt for TAGG RADIO, have fun guys... I'll be listening to the archive.

thanks 5th round. appreciate the support.

we had a good show today. we had pavia talking about the cummo diet,
his fighters ...

matt horwich stopped by. had an awesome time with him.

phil baroni also called in. he's ready to fight in march.

tomorrow we'll have luke cummo and randy couture!!!
9-10:30am pst
mma everyday!!!

TTT, great show! I listen all the time!

TTT, I'll definitely check it out

was awesome Jorj do you think Twinkle Toes will accept a Luke Cummo challenge to do the diet just to see for himself? Id love to see someone who is already healthy and a professional athlete take on this challenge just to see the results

total ... i just don't see trigg taking that much time to do this. if it was
48-72 hours maybe but unless he's getting paid somehow, he can't take
2 weeks to do this.

he does accept that some concepts make sense but most of it he's just
not feelin' it.



THEESENATOR ... 11am central is correct.

randy, luke cummo, don frye will all be on in that order. all the archives
are free as well.

Don Frye!