Ken Shamrock Q&A?????

What will it take to get Ken to post here again?

I remember him posting on years ago, but thanks to the trolls, there's been nothing since.

I'm sure he's a busy man, but it'd be cool to have a Q&A with him.

i agree...but tonight he's probably gettin hammered and hitting the clubs with tiger as his wingman b/c mezger is engaged now...come back ken!!

Croman, I have a surprise for you. Please email me your address to my email address.

And for the record...Ken just saw Part 3 of the Purple Cape and thought it was funny!

ttt for cro


Did Ken see parts 1 & 2 of the purple cape?

He just saw Part 3 about 5 minutes ago. He was laughing the whole time.


"He just saw Part 3 about 5 minutes ago. He was laughing the whole time"

shit man... if he's around get him to post a little bit!

would be cool to talk to him

Why should he? He is sadly one of the most hated pro fighters in MMA -- and on here, he would just get totally disrespected by tons of posters, and of course, we all know how the MOD's on here seem to care not one whit about Ken getting slammed, shit talked, and totally disrespected. Why should he fucking bother?

bedwell has sadly nailed the correct to a cross

If he ever came back here, I would totally apologize to him for posting "THE CHOPS." It just seems like he has a better sense of humor that most on here.

He is my favorite fighter, by far. But, thing is, the amount of disrespect he would get on here would not be worth his time.

Sad, really.

Sucks, really.

Of course, if I were to make a thread bashing anyone from MFS, or whomever is the flavor of the month -- BOOM -- the hammer comes down. Now, if you bash Ken -- well, that's all good here on the Underground. Call him whatever names you like. No problem.

Yeah, Ken will be back anyday now. LOL.

Ken does Regular columns on

 If you have a question for him just email him at  and they will include your question in his next interview. His post UFC 46 thoughts can be found here:

EXCLUSIVE: Ken Shamrock's Post UFC 46: Super Natural Comments.


Those links will be as close as we ever get to seeing him anywhere near here.

TTB for this thread.

Ken has better things to do with his time.

It's a good saga, bsf!!!

Too bad Ken's more mature than most of the people on here (MOD's included.)

At UFC 40 the fans showed Ken what they think of him by making it a HUGE success, blowing away all other Zuffa-produced shows by a long shot. Ken also came in as #2 as the fans' all-time favorite when they voted on the 10th anniversery show. Shamrock is the man and it would be an honor for him to BS on here with a bunch of us low lifes. Peace.

uh, dabears,

Welcome to the underground. Enjoy your dream of honor and respect being paid to a pro fighter. ESPECIALLY toward Ken, who would get covered in so much shit talk from "experts" that he'd slap himself for even thinking of taking time out of his day to talk to so many assholes. But you seem like a good guy, with a good post!

Again bedwell murders the correct. WHy do you think no more pros post here? This place used to be frickin great. You could bullshit with Tito, Mikey (is he still around?), Bas, Baroni, and others I am sure I am forgetting. But why the hell would they want to come to a place where a bunch of keyboard warriors berate them? It pisses me off.

Just like all the other pro fighters that got chased away from here over the years (Coleman, Randleman, Erikson, etc.) yeah it probably would end going that route. Well, it was a nice thought anyway. Ken probably knows how things go around here though and would take it with a grain of salt though.