Ken Shamrock responds to Frank


Last week Strikeforce world middleweight champion Frank Shamrock accused his adoptive brother, Ken Shamrock, of being a longtime user of steroids. Today, Ken issued a statement to ( to counter the claims, saying they are "absolutely false."

Ken also countered Frank's claims that the MMA industry has largely turned a blind eye to the issue of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, specifically pointing to new year-round testing procedures put in place by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The following statement was issued by Ken, a UFC hall-of-famer and 15-year veteran of MMA:

"During a recent interview with MMA Madness, Frank Shamrock stated that I have used steroids "my whole life." In making such a reckless and irresponsible statement, Frank has attacked my character. As such, I unfortunately find it necessary to respond to his allegations. I'm not sure what his motives were, but Frank's allegations are absolutely false.

During the interview, Frank also comments on the percentage of fighters that are allegedly using steroids, promoters that supposedly don't care about their fighters unless they win, and the industry's drug testing policies, or lack thereof. I would like to set the record straight.

Our sport has policies in place to deter steroid use and to weed out the guys that, as my brother says, "...are taking shortcuts to gain fame." I have been subjected to mandatory steroid testing countless times, and I have never tested positive for steroids, nor have I ever refused a test. Furthermore, my experience has always been that the promoters and fighters willingly comply with the drug testing mandated by the various athletic commissions.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has always administered steroid and drug testing for licensed fighters. Recently, in an effort to further strengthen steroid testing policies, the NSAC implemented short-notice drug testing for MMA fighters. Fighters are now required to test at fixed times during the year, and are also randomly tested. Commissions in other states have similar policies in place. These policies clearly work as fighters occasionally do test positive and the penalties are significant.

For Frank to state that a majority of fighters use steroids and that the promoters do not care, or that they somehow condone the use of steroids, is unbelievably irresponsible. It tarnishes the image of every fighter and promoter in this industry. The comments Frank made about me and about the industry itself are based purely on his personal opinion, not on facts.

Frank should acknowledge that his comments were without merit and irresponsible, and apologize for the disparaging remarks he has made towards the fighters, promoters, and to the various athletic commissions who regulate MMA."

"Surprisingly rational and laid-back response for a man with a temper like Ken's. "

I have a feeling Ken was not the one that wrote that response.

Shit, that actually came off as intelligent

Ken's PR is more solid than Couture's that's for certain.

"I have been subjected to mandatory steroid testing countless times, and I have never tested positive for steroids, nor have I ever refused a test."

THAT is his denial?

"his whole life" is what he has to defend against

Cough, cough * Ken takes steroids*, cough, cough.

So what if he has?

For pro wrestling im sure he would admit it.

The point is that he has never tested positive for steroids under sanctioned-body scrutiny, and has not used steroids "his whole life".

He does not know why he said it?

Simple Frank attacked his character the one thing that fires Ken up the most.

ken will now gladly accept a fight from Frank and together with this marketing ploy which Frank is a master at, only riveled by Tito will likely make these two brothers a ton of money on a PPV or CBS fight.

Motive ? Makes for great banter leading up to the alleged fight .

"Motive ? Makes for great banter leading up to the alleged fight ."

LOL@that. Imagine them arguing over whether Ken used steroids as the hype for their fight.

It sounds like they are promoting their possible "brother vs brother" match WWE Vince McMahon style

frank never said ken failed a drug test. In fact he laid it out as if Ken cycles off before fights. He implied that when he was cycled off ( pissing clean ) that he wasnt the cock/confident fighter from the gym thus resulting in poor performance/losses.

he is a meathead juicer imo

Hate to be the kind of nigga who says "Who cares?" but...

Ken admitted to past steroid use in his book that he relesed a few years ago. I think he just wants to point out that he has not always used them and is not currently using them.

Ken's a lot smarter and calmer than he comes across when promoting fights or going psuedo drill sergeant on his trainees.

Pretty rational well posted retort. I am glad he did not just start bashing
Frank and starting a silly pissing match

Yes you can take steroids and get away with it in a test.... it is a question of timing.... you can still get the benefits of steroid use in a fight and not actually test positive.... most roiders know this.


  1. That was NOT Ken who wrote that
  2. Ken USED steroids withOUT a doubt