Ken Shamrock

I just listened to his sherdog interview.Is anyone excited to see another Shamrock comeback. This would be his third or fourth return. I personally am not. I know Ken personally and have been friends with Bob Shamrock since 2000 . I was part of the last attempt to make a successful Lions Den team. The guy put a roof over my head and everything. I cant say enough good things about the guy , but it is REALLY time to stop.

     This is not based on his age , its based on his previous performances. I cannot think of a good match up for him at 205 or heavy weight . What do you guys think? Who would you like to see him fight?

If guys want to fight and people will pay them, why not?

Can stop a man from trying to make some money.

Ken versus Frank would be great, ken versus Royce, or maybe Ken versus Tank.

It will really bother me to see two brothers fight . Blood related or not. I think ken verse Frank would be morally wrong. I think there is a rule in the golden gloves where you arent allowed to fight your brother. They should invoke that in MMA.

blah to that, lol

They were both adopted very late in there lives, they really have no connection besides training together.

I see nothing worng with that.

^^^^^People would pay to see that fight . It would definetly sell . Hell, I would watch it, but that doesnt mean I approve of it.

he's been fighting top guys.. i'd like to see him fight someone lesser so he has a chance.

There is a lot I want to say , but Im scared ken might come and find me.

Or he'd tell Chief Wake you were breaking another article of the UCMJ.

Tank Abbott

lol even vitor would beat ken.

I would watch shamtrock vs shamrock tho thats for sure

ken vs marco ruas

Could we please get a final chapter of Royce and Ken ... unlimited
time...old school Vale Tudo.....and then their retirements.

I still want to see some of the originators go at it. Maybe because i've been a fan from jump I guess. I still like seeing Marco Ruas, Mo Smith, Gary Goodridge & Coleman still banging it out.

Why not Ken?


I'd watch him fight Sak again.