Ken Stone vs. Erik Perez

Up next... I got Perez.

 I got Perez, decision

Perez by sub Phone Post

 Perez 1st Rd TKO


Damn that was nuts! Phone Post

Boom! Phone Post

 My god this Erik Perez.

Perez by ko and then crying Phone Post

Another one of Greg Jackson's boring fighters haha Phone Post


Good stoppage Phone Post

Great stoppage.

Stu Cazzo - Great stoppage.

This Phone Post

That sucked for stone Phone Post

 I think Stone went out twice first on the face plant then after the barrage of punches thrown by Perez

I wonder if stone admits it was a good stoppage Phone Post

"17 seconds? That's nothing."

--Ryan Jimmo Phone Post

I think it's safe to put Stone on the chinny list..... I mean Perez was completely rocked when he threw that right, and his rocked right made Ken full on faceplant

 good stoppage

 Good thing Kim Winslow was reffing this fight so might have said Perez went out.