Ken Vs Kimbo

here is what is going to happen, I saw the script

Kimbo punches Shamrock in the shoulder and he goes down, ref calls the fight, Ken jumps up to protest the stoppage. Bill Goldberg stumbles over his words, then the dancers dance.

Shamrock will make Kimbo tapout, if not, its a work, i think.

Breaking news...its gonna be a work.

Maybe Bas will sneak some brass knuckles or a chair to the cage.

JrAsparagus - Breaking news...its gonna be a work.

It will be another CSAC NHB event

 xakxz ttt again.  ignore the hater!

Truely sad that this is even going to happen How can this even be taken seriously? I mean when will Kimbo actually fight a contender? Kimbo had major issues with Thompson and now they are giving him a "fight" with Ken Shamrock!!?? C'mon man

LOL at that video! I think Shammy can do a better job than those fellas. He has way more experience in throwing fights.

Ken has already started to take the dive..... cant rush these things especially at his age.

Ken Shamrock has no shame