Kenda Perez featured in Maxim

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                                Kenda Perez featured in Maxim

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Kenda Perez

Kenda Perez

What is the most fun part about being you at the moment? What would you change or enhance?
The funnest part about being me right now is definitely all the traveling I'm getting to do because of my job with the UFC, and of course all the fights i attend! So far I've visited so many States throughout the country and even travelled across seas to London, Germany, Ireland just to name a few. I also have the future UFC overseas events to look forward to like Brazil and Japan! As far as what I would enhance in my life, that's tough because I have already done so much that I would never have imagined! All I hope for is continued success in my career and a blessed journey while I'm doing it.

What would you most like for Christmas 2012?
I'm REALLY into the Keurig Brewer that makes individual coffee and tea. That thing rocks!

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