Kendal Cross DVD Review

I just watched Brute/Gold Medal Videos' "Kendall Cross Exposed: Don't Call it Funk" DVD...

It's awesome.

This is probably the most well done instructional video I've ever seen. Multiple angles, sometimes split-screen for multiple angles simultaneously, on screen notes during instruction, and Kendall's instruction is just awesome.

The DVD has a menu and the editing is very professional. Includes clips from international and college matches too.

Just a very well done instructional DVD, I plan on picking up the other DVD's in the series with Brandon Slay and John Smith. I've heard great things about John Smith's DVD on the low single so I will probably pick that up next.

more info on them here -


yes i know didn't spell his name right in the thread title

Thanks for the good word Bill, I'm going to pick up that whole DVD series.


is this a DVD on cross/side mount/control?

Yeah Bill thanks for the good word. I just purchased the DVD along with John Smith's How Low can you go II, and Brandon Slays's Offensive Attack & Defense for my Son for Christmas.

no, it's a DVD put out by 1996 olympic champion Kendall Cross.

i saw todd TY i didnt know :p