Kendall Grove & Tito Ortiz...

I thought they were like brothers and best friends, training partners etc.  But at WEC tonight, they were in opposite corners.  Kendall was with Chuck actually.

Just curious... it seemed odd to me. 


what ?

He was cornering against Tiki.

I thought i saw Kendall in Dave Terrells corner vs Tiki!

LOL at myself... it was an old fight and obviously not "LIVE". 

So nevermind -- I was just playing stupid.

I did too.

He was in Terrell's corner and against Tiki.  How long ago was this fight?


I noticed that too. I don't think that fight was too long ago.

The fight was only a couple of weeks ago I think.

Well then... my question would still be valid.... so WTH?

fight was back in January or Febuary I think


i thought the same thing.

Punt To The Top for some answers!


Kendall and Dave Terrell's (DT) are friends, they trained together at Cobra Kai in Vegas. If you watch Kendall's last fight (Texas I believe) - You will see (DT) in Kendall's corner.

I'm pretty sure things are all well & fine between Kendall and Tito...

lets see some Tito "big head" Romoshops :op

the question was valid and i was wondering the same thing. this fight was in march.

i think we got the answer in phenom. though tito and kendall are tight, they must've had friends before they met so i'm sure once in awhile there will be these types of scenarios.

That fight was in March.