Kendo, Iaido.....

Can anyone help me out,
I'm looking for a school that teaches Kendo or
Iaido in the Toronto/Mississauga area.
Any help would be great!


very quick google search:

Check out links on the sites for more.

That's a great start!

i know mississauga has a kendo instructor that is world class i went to school with his on and he came to my school to do a demonstration. The guy was masterful in his execution of technique... i think they are at the mississauga kendo club.. not sure but i think its a U.F.T erindale..

yes its the mississauga kendo club.. Mr kimura treach's there.. the guy is a Master of kendo.. 7th dan but classes are full for sometime so you might not get there anytime soon. good luck though.

Japanese Cultural Centre is a good bet