Kennedy: out only 6-8 weeks

Based on Kennedy's extensive MRI at the Birmingham, Ala., offices of Dr. James Andrews, WWE's Dr. Ferdinand Rios now reports that the SmackDown Superstar's triceps tendon "was not torn from the bone as originally reported, and will not require surgery."

Due to the severity of Kennedy's hematoma -- a collection of blood within a tissue or organ -- he is still not cleared to compete from a medical standpoint.

"He's still vulnerable to injury and the arm remains badly swollen," said Dr. Rios. "I'd expect him to be out of action for about six to eight weeks."

Upon hearing the positive report, caught up with the former Money in the Bank holder. Though clearly relieved, he's already shifting his focus from a likely six months of recovery time to plotting his next move.

"This is great news for me; I don't have a torn muscle," Kennedy said. "But the good news for me is really, really bad news for Edge. He took something from me...took advantage of my unfortunate situation. Now he and everyone else have just a short amount of time to worry about what I'm going to do when I get back."


Miiiiiiister Keeeeeenedy.............Keeeeeenedy.


crowd cheers

great news!

I hope they dont turn him face when he returns. At best I'd like to see him become an even harder heel.

huge face turn coming...

He can be a good face if he's a "Rock Face", where yeah, he's a face, but he still talks shit, still is loud, still has some "heel" qualities.

6 - 8 weeks better than 6 - 8 months. Great news.


He would already be champ if he didn't miss so much time hurt

I say fuck it and do a double turn...have Kennedy return as a face and Cena go heel ala Austin/Hart...too bad the crop of writer monkeys don't have the talent to pull this off