Kennedy was very Rock like tonight

I know he's done the routine before but he reminded me of the rock. It was a combo of yelling in to the mic with the pause and even his cutoff shirt when rock would wear it.


His first night on tv, I knew that he's gonna be a big star. Give him about 2 or 3 more years.

Kennedy is the future...not Cena

At first, Kennedy just pissed me off. Sounded way too lame with the "MISSSSTAAAHHHHH.... KEEENNNNNEEEEDAAAAAY!" crap, and calling his own entrance like he was a second rate Michael Buffer.

However, he has definitely improved. Of all the new "talent" over the past two to three years, he's definitely got the best mic skills.

Would agree with chocolate, i see potential in the guy.

^^ Agreed - always entertaining now ^^

I was REALLY hoping he would have come out at the end of this last Wrestlemania to cash in the MIB after Cena vs Michaels.....It would have Totally been a true Wrestlemania moment.

A few months back, Kennedy/Orton/Edge & Finley were doing a backstage promo for a RAW main event when they were gonna be teamed up against Cena/Michaels/Taker/Batista in a 8 man tag match.

Anyways, Orton & Edge were bickering back and forth and Orton was talking all cocky and Kennedy turns and looks at Randy in the face and says, "Why do you have to be so condescending?"

It was so funny the way he said all serious to Orton's face, not to mention the fact that how many times do you use the word 'condescending', let alone some musclehead pro wrestler!

I've been a fan ever since!

I wish I could find the video of it online, but Kennedy did a fake news segment on OVW tv with Estrada doing the Spanish of the funniest segments I ever saw