Kenny Allen Threads

Please head over to the UG and check out the Kenny Allen Memorial Threads. Please make any type of donation you can. Our friend and long time MMA fighter George Allen lost his 18yo son the other night in a senseless act of violence. Kenny was a great kid and following in his fathers footsteps. George is tremendously respected as a fighter and person. Many groups are offereing incentives to donate including: The HCG, Freestyle Fighting and Casca Crossa.

Adam Singer

I knew Kenny as well and trained with him on many occasions. He was a great person raised by a great father and mother. Their whole family has been nothing but nice to me over the years and I always enjoyed seeing them and training with them over the years. I cannot say enough about George or Kenny as fighters but more so about the kind of people they are. This was a terrible loss for all of us.




Hate to bring this up, but when do the gifts for donating to the fund go out?

I know that Rory and I are just waiting on the organizer to send us the first 20 names and addresses. I will check on it this week.

Kewl, was just wondering randomly. I completely forgot about it until I went in today to clear out the old threads in my threads.

I'm really sorry to hear the news, his family is in my prayers


Any news on this front?

About three weeks ago I sent out all the tapes that the memorial coordinator gave me. Please e-mail Rory at


Singer: Thanks in advance man... Oh and when you see Matt, tell him that I didn't mean what I said about his momma... That beatdown he gave me was completely undeserved!