Kenny Chesney aka Mini-Kenny

Excellent live show. I've seen him 3 times.

One time was with Uncle Kracker opening. During Kenny's set, Kracker came back out and they did a few songs together. They did Kid Rock's Cowboy and it was pretty awesome. 

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SeanyBooy -

To the faggots that said Kenny Chesney has a good voice and isn't technically the worst of the worst of modern country. Listen to some Waylon Jennings and get back to me about Kenny Chesney being anything more than faggy corporate country, designed for weak willed men that are mere servants to their sloppy cunt wives.

Le Shat

I’d trade in my height for his if I could have even half his money

This is real racist country damn it!

Pec implants?

Guys do that?

lol going to see him tonite in Cincy
Lots of young puss in boots

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I’m sure he’s a big hit at Sturgis.

He aint no David Allen Coe

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