Kenny Florian Details How The PFL Can Compete With The UFC (Exclusive)

UFC veteran and PFL analyst Kenny Florian thinks it might only be a matter of time for his current promotion to catch up to the mixed martial arts leader’s prowess.

The PFL Playoffs are weeks away as the top four fighters from each division get ready to compete for a title and a $1 million prize. PFL signees such as Shane Burgos are looking to prove they belong at the top of the heap in the league
The PFL has made plenty of headlines in 2023 with the signings of Francis Ngannou, Jake Paul, and others, The league’s viewership has increased dramatically over the past year as the platform continues to add more talent to its roster.

Florian, who has spent his post-fighting career analyzing the UFC and PFL, feels the PFL is on a fast approach to the top of the sport.

Kenny Florian Spoke With MMANews Ahead Of PFL Playoffs

During an exclusive interview with MMANews , Florian gave his thoughts on how the PFL could rival the UFC in the future.
“From being around the sport, it takes time,” Florian said. "I was lucky enough to be a part of the UFC in the early days and early-ish days where I saw the growth, and I saw how it was done…I think the PFL certainly has that potential. At the end of the day, you need to put on a lot of events and a lot of eyes on you. A great way to do that is by getting that roster to a certain level where technically, excitement-wise, having that vast number of fighters, we can put on a lot of events all over the world.

“Identifying that talent and having different talent from different parts of the world is huge to bring in those fans. Getting eyes on the sport, and that involves being a part of the media and getting people to watch it…they’re in good hands with all the business minds involved with it, planning on that level is what’s going to take it to another level.”

The PFL has lured UFC talents such as Aspen Ladd, Anthony Pettis, and Burgos to the league in recent years. “Hurricane” will face Clay Collard in the lightweight playoffs next month.
Ngannou, meanwhile, is expected to make his PFL debut next year following his upcoming boxing match against Tyson Fury. Paul will also seemingly make the move to MMA in 2024.

The PFL is on the come-up, and Florian feels the league has the potential to set a new standard in mixed martial arts.



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Kenny Florian, quit copying and pasting man…

There needs to be an asterisk beside this due to the PFL’s fuckery…Burgos did not make the playoffs under their own format. The PFL removed Natan Schulte, who won his fight and rightfully earned the spot, and put Burgos there instead. They can hide behind the argument that they feel Schulte didn’t “fight hard enough” lol, but their choice to do this makes the PFL an even bigger joke.

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