Kenny Florian is great

I love Joe Rogans commentary, and think it's great. However, Kenny is a great addition to the broadcast. His knowledge of the game and speaking ability is exactly what is needed. I would really like to see him in this position more often. No bias towards any fighter, does a good job of explaining what is happening, very professional demeanor.

Anyone else liking his commentary tonight?

An addition, not a replacement.

Immaculata - An addition, not a replacement.

I agree. Would hate to see Joe go. But adding Kenny as a third man would be perfect.

he is doing an amazing job. best commentator besides rogan. he makes the strikeforce clowns look like unprofessional goofball amateurs

Kenny is really hitting his stride Phone Post

Always liked Kenny on the mic and it's gives them a professional look and sound

kenny was great

Rogan> Kenny no comparison don't butter it up. Phone Post

anyone noticed how goldie used a lot less of his one liners? for instance i don't think he ever said virtually identical even once during this event.

it almost felt like he's been reading the threads about him that have been active on here lately.

I was so happy to hear professional broadcasting. It was such a class touch. Rogan yelling "OOOHHH" every ten seconds gets old and reminds me of a frat house. It is nice to hear a detailed break down of the fight rather than bias and nuthugging. Overall, Florian was very professional and more importantly presented the sport well. I didn't see any sleeve tattoos or gaudy affliction t-shirts. He is the perfect ambassador to a sport that is in desperate need of some refinement.

kenny sucks.

I like fighters doing commentary. Period. They been through it all and can break down whats going through a fighters head better than anyone else. And also can call whats going to happen WEEEEEELL before most people realized what just happened

jcblass -  I didn't see any sleeve tattoos or gaudy affliction t-shirts.

When does Rogan ever show his tatts or wear affliction t's on the broadcast? Never seen that.

I know the language barrier made it difficult, but I thought the post-fight interviews with KenFlo sucked.

My 2c.

Florian should be a permanent addition to make a 3 man team.  Losing Rogan would decrease the entertainment value of the production by at least 25%.  Love him or hate him, he adds enough to the show that EVERYBODY talks about him, it seems.

Personally, I think Rogan is the quintessential commentator for that position.  Never had anyone better, doubt they ever will.  Florian would actually be a great replacement (if they were to replace anybody) for Goldberg.  Florian and Rogan would be a great contrast and make a hell of a team!


He is Young to Rogan's Montana. An incredible backup and the only acceptable substitute.

nokuout - 
Immaculata - An addition, not a replacement.

I agree. Would hate to see Joe go. But adding Kenny as a third man would be perfect.
Is a third man really needed? I'm a big fan of Kenny as a fighter and a commentator, wouldn't mind him being a permanent backup commentator.

Joe's post-fight interviews are superior to Kenny's though. 


 kenny is very very good...he doesnt bring the excitement that joe does, but he is very technical and articulate...i would like to see a 3 man booth with goldy, rogan and florian

It was a soothing listening event without Joe Rogan's screaming, head about to explode, raspy voice doing commentary

I though Kenny was great too. I also didnt really notice Goldy much which means he must have been better or is just different with other commentators. He would be a great addition to the broadcast if they ever decided to go that route.
As for the interviews I think we'd have to give Kenny a pass on that because after every fight it was a mess. The translator was brutal and the fighters speaking in english and portuguese kind of just left him enough time to ask just one question that usually wasnt even answered