Kenny Florian: "It will be the fight of the year!"

Good interview with Kenny Florian. He talks about UFC 84, the Huerta fight and a bunch of other stuff:

On BJ Penn's win and Sherk's performance...

"I thought BJ Penn looked great. He used phenomenal basics as far as boxing goes. He showed the power of jab-jab-cross and what it could do for MMA. Sherk played right into his strategy. Sherk didn’t even try to take him down. Sherk basically went strike against strike. He went into BJ’s strengths and it wasn’t his strengths and he really gave BJ Penn that win."

On his fight with Huerta...

"Man, I’m very excited. I’ve been very impressed with what Huerta has been doing in the division. I think he’s a great fighter and an aggressive fighter and those are the kind of guys that I want to fight. He’s a good kid. I get along with Roger, but it’s a business and we’re both at the top of the division right now and we both want the title so we’re running into each other right now. It’s going to be an exciting fight and I think it’s going to be a great fight for both of us no matter who wins or who loses. I think it will be great for both of our careers because we’re just going to go out there and be aggressive. You got 2 Latino fighters that are going to go out there and be aggressive and try to finish right from the start so I’m really excited. It’s going to be an exciting fight and I bet you it will be the fight of the year, no doubt about it."

On fighting for a vacant or interim title if Penn moves up...

"If he does that, and it’s a big if, we’ll see what BJ wants to do because it’s very possible BJ could go up and fight Georges St-Pierre. If that’s the case and I have to fight for an interim title or a vacant title, I think Tyson Griffin. He’s another guy who is up there. He’s really been doing great. He’s the toughest guy out there besides Roger Huerta right now and he’s another guy I would love to fight. I think he’s a great fighter."

He talks more about the Huerta fight, UFC 84, Penn, Sherk and a bunch of other stuff in the full interview:

Class act.

"You got 2 Latino fighters that are going to go out there and be aggressive..."

KenFlo is Latino?

I believe his parents, or one of them, is from I guess so.

Yeah, I thought that was a pretty interesting comment about Tyson Griffin.

yea his parents are from peru

Wow, didnt realize that. Can't wait for this fight.


Who would you guys put ahead of Griffin? He has won 3 in a row against Guida, Tavares, and Tibau and is 4-1 overall. If he beats Aurelio I dont think there is anyone else ahead of him. Maybe Nate Diaz if he beats Neer.

As for Florian/Huerta I cant wait. Its one of my most anticipated fights of the year. I love the LW division and really like both these fighters.

Florian speeks excellent spanish. Good speaker