Kenny McClure Footlock seminar rev

We had the pleasure of hosting BJJ BB Kenny McClure in Helsinki, Finland, Dec 9-10 for a 2x2 hours mini-seminar on Kenny's favourite technique - straight ankle lock. Here's a short review:

First of all, Kenny's approach to the subject is professional and pedagogically sound. Right from the start, he outlined the contents of the lessons, learning objectives, and overall schedule. Everyone pretty much knew what to expect, and could focus on the key points coming up.

From there on, it was 100% business – we started from proper mechanics, progressed via establishing a proper grip, leg isolation and opponent control, ending up to a number different setups and grip recoveries (those what-if situations), and combining different setups based on opponent reactions.

I highly recommend Kenny's instruction to anyone interested in deepening their understanding in the art of leg locking. The level of detail and insight is awesome, combined with good and planned class structure. In short, instruction is very good value for money. :-)

The only downside of this seminar is that I really have to start keeping better care of my ankles once again! :-o

Teemu Toroi
Alliance BJJ Helsinki


Thanks for the kind words, Teemu. I always enjoy working with you guys. It was a fun seminar. Everyone had a great attitude (as usual). Not only was everyone very friendly, but they were also very attentive and serious about their training. There were many insightful questions and observations from many of the participants throughout the seminar. In addition, the business end of the seminar was handled very professionally. There were no complications whatsoever, even though my business plans forced a date change about 1 month before the seminar.

I look forward to having the opportunity to train with you guys again soon.


Hey Kenny are you ever going to sell a tape of your seminars????I need help with my footlocks among other parts of my game

ttt for Kenny!


I am still trying to evaluate the business side of selling videos and DVDs. But it is good to know that there is at least some level of demand for them.

Kenny on video? Maybe he could get a "face person" to demonstrate to make it more attractive for the buyer. Someone like a model. Hey, maybe James or Buddy could do it?


I really hope that most people buy their instructional videos based upon the content. I have to say that I am not so enthusiastic about having my video being purchased by men who want to use it as a means to look at pretty boys. Don't worry, I am sure that you can find an internet site that specializes in your "exotic" tastes. Who knows, you might even want to give James or Buddy a call. They might be interrested.

I wish you the best of luck in these pursuits, but would prefer to be left out of them.

I'm still trying to figure out what pedagogically sound means. :)

I too was thrown off by the word pedagogically. I thought this video would be tapping into a new market. My bad, my bad. I will pay greater attention to latin roots in the future. Videous sans humerous.

Nice save, there falconeddie. You were looking for "new markets" ;)

Come on, we are all friends here. We can accept you for what you are. Isn't that closet getting awfully stuffy?