Kenny Monday

came in my bar last night. Quiet dude. I work at Fat Tuesdays in St Louis and the NCAA nationals is being held there. Full of wrestlers, i hope they don't kick my ass if i have to ask them to leave.

best story every. absolutely gripping detail

I've talked to him before at a youth wrestling tournament he seemed very cool.

So Monday walked into Tuesday's on Wednesday?

lol at stevekt!!

LMAO @ stevekt


that's a good one!!

just the facts ma'am

i'd straight up challenge him to a (thumb) wrestling match

keep this one up there !!!!

lol @ stevekt!

Wish Monday would have stayed in mma a while longer.

LMAO @ Stevekt

No, Monday beat the shit out of Lewis. Jackson beat the shit out of Lober. And those are arguably the two best ass whoopings in Extreme fighting history.

The Viking has taken down the "correct" and pounded it into submission.