Kenny Robertson submission ufc 157

What the hell was that submission?

My teammate (chitownbjj on the forums) tried this on me yesterday and tore my hamstring. Be careful.

Yes...I was just fucking around and didn't even crank. Just heard a couple pops as soon as I grab the ankle. It sounded even worse than when I tore my pec so be very careful w this sub as the other guy won't have time to tap and the way the sub is setup makes it a really extreme stretch. Didn't even think it would have been the hamstring that's affected

Goddamn I felt like a spaztic douche all weekend Phone Post

When Kenny came to my academy a cpl years ago he said this was his favorite submission. Said he did it in wrestling alot. Phone Post

Stump puller. Doink The Clown used to do it all the time. Straight up 90s WWF.

There's a vid of Amar Suluev pulling this off a few years ago floating around the interwebs somewhere. Phone Post