Kenny Tenorio

Has anyone heard of this guy? I used to train with him years ago in 29 Palms and he fought in KOTC a couple of times and then moved away to Florida or something. Does any one know how to get ahold of him? Gerald Strebendt

He sounds familiar. Didnt Godzilla fight him at some point?

He fought Bao Quach and lost with an armbarr and he fought one of the Lally brothers from Arizona Combat sports and he got caught in a rear choke. He also fought in 1999 in the Neutral Grounds show in San Diego against a Shamrock 2000 guy.

I saw him fight in the Neutral Grounds event back when Marsh fought Horn, Ground Zero I believe was the name of the event. I don't have any current info on him, but if he's still even remotely connected with mma training, etc.. then I am sure someone will know something.

The last I saw of him was in the back of full contact fighter magazine that he fought in I think the RSF and lost. They misspelled his name though so I can't find it again.


I reffed a fight of his in GA 2 or 3 years ago...
I think he was training with Chris Mize in B'ham Alabama at the time. Haven't seen or heard from his since...