KenP the man?


LOL!!!!!! I have met Ken P in person and he is a LOT smarter than you think and you are playing right into his plan. His moves are very calculated. YOU are talking about him and the more attention he gets the more his business he grows.. (he has gone from 6 clients to 30 in the past year). There is no such thing as bad publicity .....(See Donald Trump for details) The simple fact that you are spending your time giving Ken P more attention means that Ken P has made you his bitch...


Quoting the candyman "Nice to see some idiot lurker from in here start a parody thread just for us.
It makes me laugh how many people sit in the dark in the VO and get mad."

You guys are a joke, thus the whole parody of your thread. Seriously, how long have you hacks been involved in MMA? No madness here, just letting you guys know what a joke you are.

"WORD!" damn you are brilliant!

"Hate much?"

Just on you hacks who in your position shouldn't be trashing fighters. If I recall, you have some that could be trashed, why don't you clean your own house before trashing other fighters.

I strive every day to clean my kitchen. I am not beyond reproach, and my fighters do sometimes lose and make mistakes. I also have no problem being called on it or questioned for my decisions.

That being said I am the very best agent in the business and fighters interests are best served by me. Period.

"That being said I am the very best agent in the business and fighters interests are best served by me. Period."

Oh boy, here we go again. It would be so much better if you gripped reality and instead of stating "I am the best" blah, blah, blah... that you you just reason with yourself and state that you are trying to be the best. Hate to break the news to you, you are not the best. If you were the best, you would not feel the need to bash other promoters, fighters, try to STEAL other fighters.

Clean up your act and start being a professional!


[Edited due to the fact that GNPfan is using this thread to mock Fulton, Severin, Leben, &c.  This thread is unworthy of my presence.]


Bocephus "Oh my goodness...

This thread has turned out horribly for GNPfan."

You can not make one intellegent comment, That is all you can come up with? You are brilliant Bo! The whole point is to draw attention to the very insecure world and poor ethics of one KennyP and his very poor taste in promoting himself as something much more than he really is. Mission accomplished!

Did I really need a thread to point that out, no, he has proven that by bashing a fighter and then having his cronies help him keep it going. Oh and he really likes to accuse people of being someone else. Here is my take on that KennyP = Carsons corner. See Kenny, I can do it too!

I woke up this morning still lingol at you.

The fact that our VO makes you upset and you spend a min of time to talk about it, is funny. By the way, you really have not followed the thread well if you think it is about bashing fighters.

It is more about networking.

Several guys have made business contacts there, as well as several fighters have made money because of the thread (new fights, new contracts, and sponsors)

By the way, since it is easy to talk about KenP because he does not mind telling anyone about him self, tell us about you.

What have you done for MMA?
What have you done for fighters?
What is your job?
Make any money at it?
Girl in your life?

Just wondering, it is always funny to me to see people jump on someone and then either are not willing to talk about their life and put it out there, or when they do, their life sucks and then we all know why they sit on here and hate.

Have a great day, I'll be at my real job making some money and will be in and out of the VO all day as well.

Can not wait to see the answers to the above questions.

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No, this is my new conference room, and I wanted to get some things hung on the wall.

More pics and stuff to come later.

I am planning on putting up a big logo of BCLP&A and some of our clients and such

Raze, the unofficial, official gear of BCLP&A's clients.