Ken's team = disrespectful brats

Some of these guys think they're so good, and they don't show Ken respect.

These guys have a golden oppurtunity to make a career out of fighting by being on the show, they need to respect the master Shamrock.

Even if they think the coaching they've previously gotten is better than Ken's gives them no reason to whine and bitch about Ken's traning.

Kalib is a good example. If I was Ken, I would have kicked that dude off my team for such insubordination. These guys should always respect the coach. If they can't do that, then they don't belong on the show. If Ken's training makes a guy like Kalib unhappy, well Kalib can take a hike as far as I'm concerned.

Ken's not the best coach, but I have to agree with what you say. You can always learn from anybody including the pioneer of MMMA, Ken Shamrock.

The Calf Cruncher

i agree they were pretty disrespectful, but from what ive seen, id hate to train under shamrock.

I like that quote cyberslinger

i agree

Kalib spoke he mind and disrespected Ken. The man who never likes to be disrespected.

Tito whoop that @ss!

Lazy, disrespectful, and selfish.

The day after a day of rest, their too tired and hurt to work out hard.

And on camera, no less. Millions of people are watching, wouldn't that boost your adrenaline and give you incentive to show the world how tough you are?

I missed the first show TUF 1, but compared to TUF 2 competitors, Ken's team seems like a bunch of weak whiners.

Billy Ray

I'd love to see some of these guys get booted!

"lol at MMMA"

Hey, don't make fun of his stutter! Not nice.

Ken picked his team. How come everyone loves Tito?

The only guy who hates him hates him for not picking him.

The disrespect happened to Tito in Episode 2 as well. There appeared to be multiple guys saying, "Your not drilling tonight, I wouldn't drill tonight." After Tito told Noah to come in and drill. Who the hell are they to tell dis Tito like that. They are undermining his position as the teams Coach when they do that. Same thing that happened with Shamrock and Kalib. For Kalib to say and do what he did was terrible. To do that in front of the other team members was unforgivable. I think he could of/should of been sent packing after that. Apparently they worked it out somehow.