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The DVD production from the Kentucky Fighting Challenge 3, Bluegrass Brawl is nearing completion and will be shipping soon. You can pre-order your copy now. The DVD will sell for $15.00 each, plus shipping.
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From Performance Edge Video Productions:
January 24, 2004 saw the return of the Kentucky Fighting Challenge to Lexington Ky. With 17 fights on the card it was a thrilling night for any Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast. Now you can have a front row seat for all of the action. Heavy Weights to Light Weights and every thing in between. Perfectly executed submissions to 12 second Knock Outs.

This 1 1/2 Hour DVD includes 12 under card matches, 3 main card matches, plus the two exiting main events:
Six rounds of non-stop action in the Grudge Match between Chris Griffin and Dan Swift.
The three round all out brawl between Heavy Weights Justin Villella and Braden Workman.
With an hour and a half of all out excitement this should make an awesome addition to anyone's video collection.

Thanks again for your support!


great video Aaron..

Thanks Tim. I have put a lot of work into them.


Your right it is funny.  At least it was 6 months ago when it was first posted.

ttt of the BEST small shows out there.


Are we going to be seeing you at a future show?



Thanks Charles, I think we have a good thing going here. The Kentucky Fighting Challenge would love to have you back for another show if you can make it, we have grown a lot since the August show.. drop me an email..


see article on the Kentucky Fighting Challenge 3 at

How about a sample clip on your site? As a MMA videographer/editor I'm interested in seeing what others are doing in our field.


TTT for KFC!!!


Aaron...I would love to fight for KFC again, probably at a better weight. The problem is, I live in NYC now, so it's a bit of a commute.

Yeah! I am getting several of these!:)


I will have some with me at my class tonight.



Give me a call and let me know ho wmany DVDs you are going to need.



Sure Frank, not a poblem. I will comp the price for you. You just pay the s/h. The shipping is $4 and the handling for comp copies is only $15.

If you have not taken me up on this offer by my next trip down that way I may bring a copy with me.


Aaron, save me a copy. I will pick it up Sat.21st. I am resuming my commitment to 4-seasons starting sat. I can't wait to get back in. My baby was born, she's great(TAYLOR SHEA UNDERWOOD)8lbs4oz. See you guys soon. UNDERWOOD

I dont remember hearing about this event, is it worth owning?

Congratulations!  I hope all is well with both baby and momma.

I coach the competition team from 1:30 to 3:00 on Saturday. You can get up with me then.

My extremely biased opinion, since I done the editing, is yes it is worth owning.