Kentucky Fighting Challenge 6

Kentucky Fighting Challenge 6

Louisville Slugfest!!

Clarion Hotel

9700 Bluegrass Prkwy

Louisville, KY 40299

Fighters and Fans, on Oct 2nd , 2004 the Kentucky Fighting Challenge will invade, Kentucky for our 6th show. I am now looking for fighters for this event. If you are interested in participating in our show, please contact me via email at

We are looking for MMA, kickboxing and grapplers. Both Male and Female of all weights and experience levels.

As with our past shows, currently we are strictly an amateur event, however we will supply fighters with a hotel room for the night of the event (two fighters per room) and reimburse gas expenses.

If your interested in fighting or attending our event, please get in touch with me ASAP to reserve your spot on the card.


Fighters include:



Phone #







Fight Record


Gym / Fight Team

Coach / Manager


Rules will be forwarded upon request, or return of bio.

Weight Classes as follows:

132lbs – Featherweight

143lbs – Lightweight

154lbs – Welterweight

168lbs – Middleweight

183lbs – Light Heavyweight

200lbs – Cruiserweight

No Limit – Heavyweight


Thank you,

Tim Osborne

Fight Coordinator

Kentucky Fighting Challenge




more information at

can't wait!

Great job on the last show and we will definately try to make the next show in Lexington.

James Foster

Cool! I'm on the poster.

I'm the guy on the left in red shorts gettin bitch


Hey machine30.. when you coming back to fight again??

Peixes... drop me an email! I could use some local help for the show..


Machine30 needs a green name.

"Hey machine30.. when you coming back to fight again??"

I am currently awaiting back surgery (sept). I have two herniated disc's (T-1,T-2). I can barely feel the fingers on my left hand. I have serious nerve damage as well.....oh yeah and to top it all off I fight at 170, today I tipped the scales at 238! So basicly, I'm retired.

Thanks for asking though Tim. I am glad to see how successful this show has become..You are doing a great job! Maybe I'll come down to 4s in the near future. Tell O'd I said hi and to give me a call sometime.

damn Machine30.. sounds almost like your getting old!! I hate to hear about your back.. and we wish you a safe a speedy recovery! Let us know if your going to be down our way!


Shaun.. you fighting in Oct? I have a stand up guy at your size.. not a great record, but I think it would make a good fight for you.. call me and we can talk.

btw.. machine.. I have about 25 more pics from that fight if you would like some.. send me a email address and I will forward you some over the next week or so..



Tim- I'll probably take off a couple shows, and get some hard training in.