Mike Johns (Cincinati MMA) defeated Josh Pelfry (Iron Cobra Karate)by Keylock, 1.51 Rd1

Dave Vogan (Borelands Combat Team) defeated Andrei Kalinine (Team OSW)by Knock Out 0.10 Rd1

Chad Satterfield (Team ROC) defeated Anthony Trotter (Iron Cobra Karate) by TKO Ref Stoppage 3.52 Rd1

Shaun Strange (Iron Cobra Karate) defeated James Bowman by guillotine choke 2.44 Rd1

Bill Dexter (Advanced BKJ) defeated Charles Sutton (4Seasons) TKO rd1

Josh Cooper (Advanced BKJ) defeated Shane Woosley (Iron Cobra Karate) by RNC 0.51rd1

Ian Buxhorn (Gracie Barra) defeated John Harper (4Seasons) by triangle 2.20 rd2

Mitch Whitseal (_) defeated Jamie Watts (4Seasons) RNC 0.27 rd1

Anne Deville (4Seasons) defeated MIssy Karr (Stines Stables) Judges Decision (KICKBOXING)

Nick Jackson (FAST) defeated Billy Cody (Empire Mixed Martial Arts) Reverse Arm Triangle 1.39 Rd1

Chris Keller (MIlitech Fighting Systems) defeated Josh Means (Iron Cobra Karate) TKO Ref Stoppage 1.35 rd1

Kenny Jerrell (4Seasons) defeated Roger Seward () Judges Decision - PROPS TO BOTH OF THESE FIGHTERS!! IT WAS A GREAT FIGHT!! 3 ROUNDS OF THROWING BOMBS!

Thomas Zapf (Cincinati MMA) defeated Dominic Ratcliff (West Chester Dojo) by KO .41 Rd2

Jen Renken (Team Havok) defeated Kim Bennett (Iron Cobra Karate) by TKO ref stoppage 2.15 rd1 (KICKBOXING)

Billy Ayash (Advanced BKJ) defeated Tierre Hall (Black Dragon) by submission to strikes 1.25 rd1

Scott Hope (4 Seasons / Stines Stable) defeated Brian McIntyre (Borelands Combat Team)by KO 0.31 rd1

Jeremiah Huskins (Gracie Barra) defeated Ian Angel (Northen KY Martial Arts) by Guillotine 1.21 rd1

Jake Whitfield (Team ROC) defeated Rob Nickerson () by triangle 2.35 rd2

Todd Harrison () vs Alex Sepulveda (Andvanced BKJ) NO CONTEST

Brandon Bledsoe (Gracie Barra) defeated Robert Wynne (TaporSnap) armbar 0.19 rd1

Robert Baker (FAST) defeated Brandon Garner (Team ROC) by Decision, also an incredible fight, lots of action with the control moving back and forth between the two fighters... props to both guys!

Casey Oxendine (Gracie Barra) defeated Dan Swift (Team DNA/Roy Harris) Guillotine 0.55 rd2

Great night of fights!! thanks to all the fighters and teams that supported the show tonight. It was truley a pleasure working with each of you!!

Tim Osborne

Kentucky Fighting Challenge

good job to my boys from gracie barra..casey,jeremiah and brandon good job guys

James Thorpe

congrats to the guys from ABKJ

Some of the fighters are missing their club names.

I know there were at least three guys fighting from
Borelands, but I don't recall all the names.
Possibly four guys. I see two of them there.

Wayne-o I think all the fighters without the teams listed were independant. Only two fighters from Borelands last night, the third that your thinking of pulled out due to injury a few weeks ago.

Ok, thanks Bogart. Can you give me an idea how the
Oxendine vs Swift fight went up to the end?



Huge congratulations to Nick Jackson and especially to my old buddy Robert Baker (the guys from FAST)! So sorry I couldn't make it again this time.

Sounds likes Brandon Garner must be one tough dude because I know Robert was ready to rock.

Also congrats to Casey Oxendine, Brandon Bledsoe and Scott Hope.

Great night of fights AGAIN!

Tim just keeps getting better!

HUGE congrats to the guys at FAST. Nick made his debut and looked DAMN GOOD and Robert increasing his record to 3-0.

Team FAST is undefeated in MMA. Thanks, guys! Now, when I make my debut, there is gonna be PLENTY of pressure to win!

Shout out ot Dominic Ratcliff, for putting it on the line and climbing through those ropes and throwing down! Great job and nice to have met you!

Thanks to the guys from Borelands for putting up with me during Robert's fight. I know I was loud, but those are my boys! Great group of guys and nice to have met you!

Damn, last night was FUN!

Also, props to Brandon Garner!

You and Robert put on one hell of a show and had me biting my nails waiting on the decision!

Nice triangle to arm bar flow, man!

"Ok, thanks Bogart. Can you give me an idea how the Oxendine vs Swift fight went up to the end?"

It was a damn good fight. Swift almost got a triangle but Casey escaped and landed some hard punches from inside Dans guard for the rest of rd1.

Once rd2 started Casey landed his "Caseytine choke" and once that thing is on your not getting out.

I will say Dan did alot better than I thought he would and he came ready for war with the Barra boys.

Congrats to all my teammates who fought and won as well as the FAST guys & Adv BKJ Teams

Tim you did forget 1 result......

Someone in crowd vs my carmcorder

Someone in crowd wins by snatching it and getting a new camcorder. I hope they enjoy watching the fights

Thanks for having the GB-Team Soneca guys up.

Tim did a great job and took care of his fighters

TTT for my boys from team FAST! Robert Baker and Nick Jackson !!



Great show and fights, Tim.

Thanks for having us up!

Team GB-Team Soneca was very cool as well... Billy Ayash wants to thank Casey and everyone who helped out as well. Sorry we didn't get to talk more.

All the fighters and organizers were great and we can't wait to be back.

Congrat to Chris Keller!!! :) Does anyone have any details on this fight? What happened to his original opponent that posts here as AndreiK (or something like that?)? Thanks!

I knew Brandon and Casey would win!!!!

Congratulations guys!