Kerr at almost 300lbs

Mark Kerr weighed in at 289.5 for his upcoming fight with Sean O'Hare. Anyone see any pics? Even roided up, he was in shape at 255, at 290, he must be a fat slob. He was fighting at 225, and contemplating a move to 205 what 2 years ago, what happened?

pics?  anyone???

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Kerr needs to go coach somewhere, or start his own club or something. His fighting days are over, and he needs to realize that imo.

ttt for pics

must have gotten some dietary advice from his old buddy Ricco Rodriguez...

I agree that he should retire, although I think he has a good shot of beating Sean. I guess he still has name value, and could always go the Dan Severn route of fighting in the small local shows against scrubs to bring in the fans. But his days of being an A or even B level fighter are done.


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Pic isnt working. PICS DAMMIT!!!

didnt he weigh in really light for his last few fights, like around 215? wasnt he talking about fighting at 205?

Yeah, he was talking about 205 within the last 2 years.

ttt for some pics dammit!

I still hope he wins his fight :(


tf? p!

Can't be good.

ttt for pics

I think the guy who was supposed to upload pics accidentally knocked himself out.

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