Kerr on Beatdown

On Sherdog...

Caught some of the show while doing stuff around the house.

He confirmed that the doctors ultimately left the choice in his hands on whether to fight.

Said there was no conflict at all with his IFL deal.

Said there was a non-disclosure agreement re: the amount his contract / how he was paid.

Said some funny things IMO though. They asked him when he would be getting back to full time training, and he said "a couple of weeks". That sounds weird to me...I can't imagine a serious hand injury healing that fast. Maybe he meant training without hand sparring for a while...? Or, perhaps the injury falls just beneath the category of "serious"?

He also dissed the ACF, kinda put his foot in his mouth. Apparently one factor for Mark pulling out was that the ACF title was no huge belt, there wasn't much prestige involved in such a new promotion---he basically implied (IMO) that if he were fighting for one of the big orgs, he might have chosen to fight.

My 2 cents:

I personally don't think there was any shame in Mark pulling out, though it should have been handled differently. Hand injuries are hell, and even if it were relatively minor, you want your hands healthy for a fight. Some guys are okay with fighting like that, others are not. I think all the pressure put on Kerr (self imposed or otherwise) made him feel guilty, which led to fool himself into thinking he would fight.

Either way, if he's not telling the truth (about thinking he was going to fight), it only means that everyone would have known a couple of days sooner that he wasn't going to fight. In that case...who cares. The show was blown anyway.

Also, I didn't hear them ask him about weighing in with the clothes on.


My personal opinion after hearing the interview is mark had a bad case of the nerves, and I have lost most respect I still had left for him. I appreciate his contributions in the past but I have no expectations whatsoever for him for the future.

BTW Don Frye was GREAT. Totally zero bullshit from that guy. They asked him if he ever considers tapping, and he said no, never. Then Gross asks him it that's wise, he says, "Uhh, no, it's not." LOL. Talked about seven kinds of manure on his cowboy boots, his own addiction to pain meds, and many other subjects. Great interview. Check it out if y'all haven't.


Interesting point, but then you could say his choice to re-enter MMA is putting himself in just that position anyway. Injuries are guaranteed in this sport.

Well, my contention is that recurring minor injuries are just as likely to promote relapse as a serious injury. I acknowledge that a serious injury pretty much necessitates pain meds, but if relapse is in his mind, this is the wrong career choice IMO. This is the "hurt business" after all.

But I do agree that fighting with any kind of injury to your hand (aside from bruised knuckles from sparring and so forth) is not a good idea. Your hand is too valuable to risk and I think anybody who knowingly fights with a broken hand is nuts.

Let the guy have his injury. Unless you are a doctor looking at an x-ray, you are being an ass writing him off because of this.

Why he waited until the day of the event is beyond me?


Sucks for anyone who paid to see that event. No way to sugar coat that.

I wish someone other than Gross/TJ would've interviewed him. They didn't really get to the bottom of anything.

BTW the Don Frye interview was great. He's the man.

isn't taking Cortizone shots using pain killers unncessarily if he doesn't fight?...

just curious you know

I think Kerr should stop while he is ahead. He said on Beatdown that he wants his fans to trust him and follow him to see where this goes?? Should we all just spend more money to see him back out of a fight again. I came from out of town and paid for front row seats and it was a waste. I have no doubt that he wont be figting Sims on 7/15 like he mentioned.

They only offered a discount on your future purchase to see Sims and Kerr fight. Since thats never going to happen I guess they have nothing to loose. Pathetic.

'isn't taking Cortizone shots using pain killers unncessarily if he doesn't fight?...
just curious you know'

Not necessarily Sothy. Cortizone is used in a lot of healing periods for injuries, even post-surgery, so if Kerr's hand really was hurting, it could have been a routine shot. I guess that's the catch, though...People with addictions will always come up with an excuse to feed that addiction. So who knows?

Geese Jones

I'm one of Kerr's big supporters. But Kerr sounded like he was trying to make up a story as he went. It also sounded like he was nervous and just didn't want to fight. I also don't like how he said "Well, it's not like the belt has been around for 10 years. It's a brand new Heavyweight belt" blah blah. Just a lot of the shit coming out of his mouth seems very hard to believe.

His whole attitude was poor on his interview. This is what happened so deal with it attitude. He even mentioned that he felt bad for the other fighters on the card because his ordeal over shadowed their fights, which by the way were awful. What ended up being the main event was the only thing that made the night interesting. Kerr isnt going to fight again, we all know that so he just needs to come clean so he can keep his fans (me being one of them) and not loose any more respect.

Well, the fight is probably gonna' happen in July. I'm sure he'll fight Wes ya know? But this is just kinda' weird. He almost sounds drunk on the phone LOL. I think this was a blessing though, to all of us ya know? This will give Kerr another 2 months to train, gain some size, so then he will definately put up a fight ya know?

I am a Kerr fan and after seeing him in person I dont want to see him fight. On Saturday night when he came into the ring he was barely recognizable and he didnt look like he was ready for a fight. This is a very different Kerr and I too agree that Sims would have probably beat the crap out of him. Sims attitude was ugly but his body was was looking good and he was ready for that fight.

"his body was was looking good "

Hey KKM, nice way to introduce yourself to the UG. If you think Wes would have destroyed him, you don't know Wes Sims. Sims just isn't good. He can beat the occasional can but other than that, Wes is just not good.

"Take away the juice and the pills and Kerr is probably not as strong as the average guy walking around the mall with his belly hanging over his pants."

If you truly believe that then you need your head examined! Contrary to popular believe here and elsewhere, you can't just swallow a bunch of bills and turn into The Specimen - but I'm sure you won't listen.

SNOW GORILLA is just a fucking idiot. He's been on every Kerr article, watching it like a hawk, trying to bash the guy when, in reality, the only reason he looks on these threads is because he has some perverted infactuation with Kerr. No biggy. But more on Wes Sims. Sims has never beated 1 guy with winning record and that was Marcus Silveira who has a 5-4 record. Other than that, never has he beaten anyone with a winning record. He goes up against Daniel Gracie, they both start throwing cheap shots and what happens? Wes gets sent out on a stretcher. Wes is a fucking can himself. He's like the new Shannon Ritch. I fucking hate Wes Sims and I believe Kerr would have beat his ass. But whatever, the fight will happen eventually.