Kerr training with Bas; Nov. fight


Legendary Matchups will round out semifinals at site to be announced shortly

NEW YORK, September 26, 2006-- The International Fight League (IFL) today announced the addition of two Superfights for the November World Team Championship semi-finals. The matchups will have Daniel Gracie facing Allan Goes in one fight and Mark Kerr taking on Mike Whitehead in the other. Those two fights will follow the team semifinal matchups, featuring Bas Rutten's Anacondas vs. Matt Lindland's Wolfpack in one matchup, and Pat Miletich's Silverbacks vs. Carlos Newton's Dragons in the other.

The location, date and time of the IFL World Team Championship semifinal will be announced shortly.

"We are very pleased to be able to pair these MMA veterans as a highlight to what will be a very special semifinal evening," IFL Co-founder and Commissioner Kurt Otto said. "These four great athletes represent many of the disciplines that make up mixed martial arts, and seeing them together on the same card will be a treat for all in attendance."

Kerr is an MMA legend who will be making his first appearance in the ring since 2004. The former NCAA wrestling champion and NCAA All-American (at Syracuse University) and UFC and PRIDE heavyweight champion has been training recently with Rutten in Los Angeles as part of his comeback. His opponent, MMA veteran Whitehead, was also a three time all-America wrestler at North Idaho Junior College, Southern Oregon University, and the University of Missouri has posted an 8-1 record in his last nine MMA bouts. Brazilians Gracie and Goes have both made successful IFL debuts on the team level, with Gracie defeating Wes Sims in an IFL Superfight in June and Goes defeating Devin Cole in September as part of the Tiger Sharks.

About the IFL
Founded in 2005 by Kurt Otto, a real estate investor and a life-long martial arts participant and Gareb Shamus, chairman of Wizard Entertainment Group, the International Fight League™ (IFL) was created to establish a centralized and structured organization that brings the power and influence of the mixed martial arts industry together. On August 25, 2006, IFL entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Paligent, Inc. (PGNT:OTCBB), pursuant to which IFL would emerge as the surviving entity. For further information regarding the merger, contact Paligent at (212) 755-5461.For more information on the IFL, go to

I heard the location could be in Portland again, I pray that isnt true because I don't want to fly all the way out to Portland.

Kerr by however he wants

He won a Grand Prix right?

I really fucking hope it isn't on a Thursday in Portland like I had heard....

Portland is a beutifull city. :)

tbidness, nah mate, that was mark coleman that took out the grand prix.

Yeah that is right.

I am sure Portland is great and everything, just at least have the show on a Saturday so I can get off work and make it out there to see my Silverbacks wreck shop...

Kerr was never a Pride heavyweight champion. In the UFC, he won two 4-man tournaments. I suppose that makes him a champion of sorts, but he never held the heavyweight title there either.

He did not say it, some writer wrote it wrong

He was great, hopefully shows he still has it, and should kill Mike

i think whitehead may take it

I'd heard Gracie was fighting Kerr...hmmm.

Champ as in Great.

Goes and Gracie huh? Its not often that BJJ greats fight one another.

I hope to see a Mark Kerr comeback but I do not have the highest of hopes nor do I wish the game to bring back any of his demons......... This is not always the healthiest lifestyle of choice.

I hope not Chainsaw, huge fan of Kerr, not a fan of Whithead

Frankiscool - source?

Kerr was sort of the linear HW champ after beating Enson, because Enson was coming off his win over Randy Couture at the time. He never held any actual belt, though.

As for those 2 matchups, I couldn't give half a shit about either of them.

TTT for Kerr...

I met him back in the 90's when he was at SU, I wrestled for Gene Mills (USA wrestling coach for my freestyle/greco) who was SU's coach. One of the nicest people I've met. I hope that he makes a serious comeback and that he finally escaped his demons. One of the most talented people I've ever seen, but also one of the nicest most approachable people I've ever met.

"Frankiscool - source?"

I thought someone at Dave's last show at Wild Bill's said it. can't remember...people were pointing out Gracie and someone said it.

Would be interesting

But to see Goes and Gracie fight, would be great as guys like that never seem to get matched up against each other.

He won a Grand Prix right?
I don't think so. He lost to Fujita in a Grand Prix