Kerr training with Bas; Nov. fight

I will believe Kerr is fighting when I see it...At this point it dosen't matter anyway.

You have the memories though.

lol @ Kerr fighting.

he'll get injured or something and pull out at the last minute and Warpath Villareal will step in.

Kerr was never a Pride champ. Let's hope the IFL doesn't try to start recreating history like the UFC does. That said...Whitehead by DDT.

He looks huge again. He'll fight.

"Kerr was never a Pride heavyweight champion. In the UFC, he won two 4-man tournaments. I suppose that makes him a champion of sorts, but he never held the heavyweight title there either."-------------he was fighting in Pride before they had a HW belt....He was ranked #1 in the world until Igor beat him.

Every Sunday.