Kerr VS Arona (pic?)

Does anyone have any pics from Kerr/Arona at Abu Dhabi? I had one saved on my HD, but I can't find it.



Kerr was way out of shape

Arona is a fucking beast.

He is, but to put it in perspective, a Kerr that was out of shape and not even training for the match, was only beaten by one takedown against that "beast".

Kerr in shape is the greatest competitor in submission grappling ever, at least at the the higher weight classes.

Yeah I don't think Arona would have stood a chance against a prime Kerr.



That's not the pic I'm talking about.

also it took like 10 minutes before aronas cardio gave him the advantage. kerr will maul wes

"Does anyone have any pics from Kerr/Arona at Abu Dhabi?"

You were not talking about a pic.



WHO is that leg locking Saulo?????