Kerr vs Oleg 2day...

YAMMA Pit Fighting is today w/ the following fights w/ my picks. What are yours?

Mark Kerr vs Oleg Taktarov: OLEG by submission

Pat Smith (UFC 1 vet) vs Eric "Butterbean" Esch: BUTTERBEAN by KO

*** 8 Man Tournament ***

Travis Wiuff vs Marcela Pereira: WIUFF by TKO

Ricco Rodriguez vs Tony Sylvester: RICCO by TKO

2 other fights, not sure who they are, but I'll pick Ricco to win the tournament.

Would've been a great fight..10 years ago.

 The thing I don't like is that the first round and second round of the tournament I do believe, is only 1 x 5 minute round...

That, IMO, doesn't give enough time to do anything. They should have made it like, 2 x 4 minute rounds or like, 1 x 10 minutes or something. But 5 minutes is shitty.

Kerr has never been subbed, right? I don't think Oleg would be the one to do it.

Pat Smith, holy shit I haven't heard his name for years.

ttt for "The Russian Bear"!!!